Events, Exhibition and Workshop

The scope of services for organizing events, exhibitions, and workshops can vary widely depending on the specific needs and objectives of on your needs. ISolutions Indonesia offered by event organizers and companies that specialize in organizing such activities:

  1. Event Planning and Strategy:
    • Initial consultation and assessment.
    • Defining event goals and objectives.
    • Developing a strategic plan and timeline.
    • Budget planning and management.
  2. Venue Selection and Logistics:
    • Researching and recommending suitable event venues.
    • Negotiating contracts with venues and vendors.
    • Managing logistical details, such as permits, insurance, and transportation.
  3. Event Marketing and Promotion:
    • Developing marketing and promotional strategies.
    • Creating and implementing advertising campaigns.
    • Managing social media and online presence.
    • Designing promotional materials (flyers, posters, websites).
  4. Registration and Ticketing:
    • Setting up online registration systems.
    • Managing ticket sales and distribution.
    • Handling attendee inquiries and support.
  5. Event Design and Production:
    • Creating event themes and concepts.
    • Designing event layouts and floor plans.
    • Providing audiovisual and technical support.
    • Managing décor, signage, and branding.
  6. Speaker and Talent Management:
    • Booking keynote speakers, presenters, or performers.
    • Coordinating travel and accommodations.
    • Managing speaker and talent agreements.
  7. Exhibition Services (for exhibitions):
    • Booth design and construction.
    • Exhibitor and sponsor management.
    • Floor plan and booth allocation.
    • On-site exhibition logistics.
  8. Workshop Facilitation and Content Development:
    • Developing workshop agendas and content.
    • Identifying and securing workshop facilitators.
    • Providing necessary materials and resources.
  9. On-site Event Management:
    • Event setup and teardown.
    • Registration desk and check-in management.
    • Overseeing event operations and logistics.
    • Handling emergencies and troubleshooting.
  10. Post-Event Evaluation and Reporting:
    • Gathering feedback from attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.
    • Evaluating the success of the event against objectives.
    • Preparing post-event reports and recommendations.
  11. Technology and Online Platforms:
    • Utilizing event management software and apps.
    • Managing virtual events and webinars.
    • Setting up live streaming and online engagement tools.
  12. Sponsorship and Partnership Management:
    • Identifying and securing event sponsors.
    • Managing sponsorship agreements and deliverables.
    • Cultivating partnerships with relevant organizations.
  13. Financial Management:
    • Managing event budgets and expenses.
    • Handling invoicing and payments to vendors.
    • Providing financial reporting and reconciliation.
  14. Compliance and Risk Management:
    • Ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
    • Managing risk assessments and contingency planning.

ISolutions Indonesia work closely with their clients to customize services to meet their unique needs and goals.

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