Visas and Documentation for Expats

Planning to moved to Indonesia? But still don’t know the regulation that in Indonesia? Herewith some article that might be useful for your plan and strategies to move and having a business in Indonesia.

Why business must be approached differently in Indonesia

Indonesia has often been described as a shining chain of emerald islands scattered across the equator from Asia to Australia. Few other countries in the world are comprised of more distinct cultures and languages than Indonesia. Its diversity of peoples and belief systems makes it certain that the foreign professional working in Indonesia encounters situations that are confusing and unexpected. Add to this mix a struggling economy, a nascent democracy with a co-opted bureaucracy, and the world’s largest Muslim population, and the result is a fascinating conglomerate culture in one of the largest and most important countries in the world. Business must be approached differently in Indonesia than in most Western countries. Cultural background, education, and upbringing make a difference on how managers approach work.


  • VITAS – Temporary Stay Permit Visa
  • ITAS/ KITAS- Temporary Stay Permit/Card
  • ITAP/KITAP – Permanent Stay Permit/Card
  • SITAS – Electronic Limited Stay Permit
  • Dinas – Diplomatic/Service Stay Permit
  • BVKS – Free Visa for Short Visit
  • Visit Visa – Social/Cultural Visit Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Retirement Visa
  • Calling Visa
  • Tourist Visas:
  • Visa Free Entry
  • Visa on Arrival – VOA (Tourist, business, social, government) –
  • Extension of VOA
  • Overstaying your Visa
  • General Information regarding visa applications
  • List of some official immigration fees


  • Passports
  • RPTKA – Expatriate Placement Plan
  • IMTA – Work Permit
  • DPKK Tax
  • TA01 Recommendation
  • Exit / Re-Entry Permits
  • Exit Permit Only
  • Fiscal Tax
  • Airport Tax
  • SKLD & STM & SKCK – Police Documents
  • Registration at the Civil Registry
  • SKPPS & SKTT – Population Documents
  • Kartu Keluarga – Family Card
  • Carrying Original Documents or Photocopies?
  • Repatriation of cremated expat remains
  • Good article on Violations on Stay Permits of Visas – read what can happen!
  •  Specific documentation issues for Expat/Indonesian – mixed marriages.

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